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The principle of our VARIO-system which has been introduced into the textile industry already more than 40 years ago is based on the separation of the circular comb into a basic body and individual easily to mount VARIO-bars.

In principle we offer two types of circular combs:

  • VARIO-system with VARIO-bars
  • Circular comb with pin strips


VARIO-system with VARIO-bars

During the last years the VARIO-system has been continuously further developed and improved.

  • The VARIO-bars mainly differ in pinning density and the number of teeth in axial direction.
  • The VARIO-bars are equipped with a double colour code which completes the current numeric system.
  • The adaptation of old machines to the VARIO-system can be done without any problems.

Besides the basic body and the VARIO-bars we of corse offer all necessary accessories and spare parts like fixing screws, starting bars, starting bar holders and T-shaped clamping bars.


Circular Comb with pin strips

In addition to the VARIO-system for circular combs we continue offering the possibility of a combination of VARIO-bars and circular comb pin strips.

Two executions are available, the difference is the height of the lateral sheet as shown in the leaflet.


Designed for almost all available combing machines of all machine manufacturers. More on request.

Color Codes VARIO-Bars

Product Nr: designation of bars colours number of teeth rows teeth per cm2
153 SC-SC black-black 5 15,5
133 GR-SC green-black 5 18,5
115 BL-SC blue-black 5 21,5
110 RS-SC pink-black 5 22,5
100 LI-SC lila-black 5 25
090 RO-SC red-black 5 27,5
080 OR-SC orange-black 5 31
075 GE-SC yellow-black 5 35,5
065 WE-SC white-black 5 41,5
055 WE-WE white-white 5 45,5
050 OR-WE orange-white 5 50
045 BL-WE blue-white 5 55,5
040 RS-WE pink-white 5 62,5
035 RO-WE red-white 5 71,5
030 GR-WE green-white 5 83,5
025 GE-WE yellow-white 5 100
F50 GR-GR green-green 7 60,5
F45 BL-BL blue-blue 7 67,5
F40 RO-RO red-red 7 76
F35 GE-GE yellow-yellow 7 87

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