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Our self-cleaning top comb VARIOTOP VT is especially designed for LAKSHMI LMW combing machines.

The pins of the self-cleaning top comb VARIOTOP VT are produced with a special manufacturing method. During this process the pins receive a special surface treatment and polish. In addition, the special design of the pin is helping to optimize the combing results.

The wear resistant and special hardened pin with enforced base is leading to an increased lifetime of the top comb VARIOTOP VT.


Product Features

  • Punched and specially hardened pins for long lifetime of the top comb
  • Special bent shape of the pin
  • Special surface treatment and polish of the pin for optimized combing results
  • Drastically reduced cleaning frequency
  • Reinforced ends of the pins for protection
  • Proven glueing technique for increased stability and safe fixation of the pins

Designed for all available LAKSHMI LMW combing machines. More on request.


26 ppcm

29 ppcm

32 ppcm

35 ppcm

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