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Extended Lifetime:
The new top comb VARIOTOP WT is distinguished by reduced wear and tear since the increased number of pins per cm provides a more effective distribution of the fibres and thus a reduced strain onto the single pin.

  • Improved combing result:
    The free space between two pins determines the cleaning efficiency.
    Compared with standard top combs the free space between two pins of the VARIOTOP WT is reduced by 10%. This leads to an improved combing result of the combed sliver.

  • Reduced costs:
    The increase by 18% of the specific free space in the top comb ensures a homogenous combing and better performance of the machines.

  • The top comb VARIOTOP WT is always equipped with 35 pins per cm.
    However the free space between the pins corresponds, to the pinning densities 28, 30 or 32 pins per cm of the standard top comb actually used.

Product Features

View through the microscope:
Above: pins of top comb VARIOTOP WT
Below: pins of standard top  comb


Designed for almost all available combing machines of all machine manufacturers. More on request.


35/28 ppcm

35/30 ppcm

35/32 ppcm

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