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Our circular combs VARIO-COMB are adaptable without problem to almost any combing machine with lower speed.

The VARIO-COMB 111° consists of a basic body which is equipped with four replaceable VARIO-bars.

In accordance to customer’s technical requirements as to type of fibres and of combing machine we offer various standard pinning densities for our VARIO-COMB and due to our flexible system of the easy changeable VARIO-bars optimized combinations of VARIO-bars for specific applications. Such fine tuning of the VARIO-bars permits an optimum combing of the cotton fibres with a minimum noil percentage.

If the VARIO-system is partially damaged, for example by a machine accident or overloading of cotton fibres, replacement of the whole segment is not necessary – as it is the case with traditional systems – only the damaged VARIO bars have to be replaced by new ones.

Product Features

  • Base length: 320mm
  • Combing Angle: 111°
  • Shaft diameter: 85 mm

Advantages of our VARIO-COMB® Standard

  • Designed for almost all available combing machines of all machine manufacturers with lower speed
  • Wide range of different pinning densities in addition to standard combinations
  • Fully hardened VARIO-bars to ensure high durability
  • Easy to exchange VARIO-bars du to VARIO-COMB® fixation
  • Long lifetime of the basic body for reduced costs of replacement

Designed for almost all available combing machines of all machine manufacturers working with slow speed. More on request.

Row no: 1260
#1 orange-black
#2 orange-yellow
#3 red-brown
#4 red-beige
#5 blue-beige
Total amount
of pins:

Color Codes VARIO-Bars

Product Nr: designation of bars colours number of teeth rows teeth per cm2
5025 OR-SC orange-black 6 25
1025 OR-GE orange-brown 10 62
1220 RO-BR red-brown 12 97
1520 RO-BE red-beige 15 125
1515 BL-BE blue-beige 15 139
6035C GE-RS yellow-pink 6 32
9025C OR-BL orange-blue 9 56
1225C OR-LI orange-lila 12 97
1830C WE-GR white-green 18 132
1825C OR-GR orange-green 18 145

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